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Cash Wallet

I transfered my money from my cash wallet to last Monday. Until now, no money has been transfered yet. Why so? Please advise. Thanks.

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Username: yiesehgerard I deposited money from my blockchain to my wci cash wallet on November 30, 2017 at 9:52 to the id CPBK5KSHYNAQXO6UQEXJ6WBVMB and the amount was $380. I was later told that I am owing a balance of 1.99 dollars to deposit and I deposited the balance. The system then told me that received with zero confirmation. I later opened to check after some hours and was told transaction cancelled. Please I will be very greateful if this issue is addressed as soon as possible. Pleasee check the attached documents
I have transfer $8/from my cash wallet to reward wallet but has not entered . Pls. help
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