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Today we cannot Request for Payout

I saw last night that there was no button to request for payout and there was no announcement given on the changes done on the site. 

Could you provide us any information about our inquiries. I saw that the longest inquiry is 5 days and there was no answer. I hope you could provide an answer for a good continuous business.

Hope to hear from you soon, if not ASAP.

Thank you.

5 people have this problem

verified  just trying to register and see what i get

 Tôi đã thu hồi 3 ngày trước, xin vui lòng suport giúp tôi

Tôi đã thu hồi 3 ngày trước, xin vui lòng giúp tôi

I didn't get the BTC, Although the transaction has more than 72 hours.  I need your help

(59.1 KB)

I cannot proceed to make a payout request. Need your assitance please. Thank you.

My transaction request payout is still pending since Nov 22nd 2017 until now???

I did request payout in 1st Dec but have not received until now. Please check. Thank you. 

we are being abandoned by wci. A big corporation can not miss an appointment

transfar time to many problem it will be say ur 2fa is rong
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