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cash wallet tranfer

Good day I made a cash wallet transfer with exact amount but it dissapeard please help

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Username. Yiesehgerard I deposited money in my cash wallet from my blockchain account on November 30, 2017 at 3:53pm to this id CPBK5KSHYNAQXO6UQEXJ6WBVMB and later I was told to deposit the balance owed which I did and it amounted to $380. I was later informed that it has been received with with zero confirmation. After some hours I checked my transaction and saw canceled or timeout. I will be greatfull if you solved this problem for me. I wish to receive the amount back as soon as possible. I have attached files of the screen shots I took. Thanks for solving the problem in advance
Please help. I transferred $20 to another cash wallet. Transaction was succesful and deducted to my account but not credited to the other account. Isn't it supposed to be real time? Thanks.

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