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Lost 2FA

Hi all,

I'm using Google Authenticator app IOS and enabled 2FA, but then I lost 2FA code in app, now I can't sign in my acc without 2FA code, please help !!!

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I’m having an issue with this 2 FA code . It keeps on saying it’s expired even after generating a new one .

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As I know, only support team can help Disable 2FA

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Were are waiting for an answer from support team. 

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Hope we have support team, I sent support ticket 3 days ago, but there is no any answer ? what's problem here ?

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E hiện đang tình trạng như a !! a đã xử lí được chưa . hướng dẩn e với

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em cứ tạo Ticket mới thì họ sẽ support

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tạo bài đăng mới hả a @buixuanthu1956

Bạn Tạo Ticket mới, bấm vào nút này

dạ e tạo. và đang được hổ trợ a à . cảm ơn a @buixuanthu1956 nhé 

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Can't log in ..I lost 2FA authenticator...Kindly help me...
I lost 2fa authenticator apps....Can't log in

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Just create new ticket then describe your situation to support team

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It's been 3 days still no response..still waiting for authenticator token...
Phone has got wiped out and lost the app. I have raised a ticket but no response. Its been 3 days. Can anyone kindly help if they have been through this. Thanks
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