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2FA problem

Hi. I have 2 WCi accounts.  I can enable 2FA very well with the 1st account. But I can't enable 2FA for the second one. Please help me to enable 2FA for the second account named: congson2. Thanks.

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I have the same problem. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me too, please help!
I have this problem Username winai
I am very frustrated with this... I have not been able to long into my wci account because every time I try to log in it gives the option of 2FA which I did not have before. So now it is telling me wrong password evrytime I try ... Somebody help get into my account please and thank you
I even tried to go for “ forgot password “ but still the address they provide is “ wrong password “
Dear support team, I lose 2fa code, so could you pls give me back 2FA QR code or private key to log in into account FCTHUTHUY Thank you ID: FCTHUTHUY

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my account: phuongngatyphu

Please disable 2fa of my account

I'll try enable 2fa again

thank you

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Hi my phone get damage and cannot access to my google authenticator. How can i access my account without google authenticator?

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Hi, my phone is nelwy reconfigured. I lost my google authenticator. when i download the authenticator, "wrong password" appears when i try to log in. Help me please.

I am very frustrated and disappointed with the settings facility and no help available.. I am continuously having problems with my 2FA code. Although I can log into my account of kwetu01, I cannot create new accounts, upgrade or transfer my rewards or commissions or even amend my settings. I keep getting the error 'Google 2FA incorrect or expired. Please check again' for the last one month. I have money and points tied in there and not earning anything!!! Please help!!
Hi, how did u log in without using 2FA account? May i ask for help please
How does the WCI support work? There is no where to turn to for help!!! This is so frustrating!!
Sorry again WCI support ; i want to recover my 2FA authentication , my phone get crash and all my Information inside like backup key i saved was there in my phone .
it will be much pleasure if you help and support me again


my account: MOMARI Please support disable 2fa of my account I'll try enable 2fa again. thank you
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