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2FA problem

Hi. I have 2 WCi accounts.  I can enable 2FA very well with the 1st account. But I can't enable 2FA for the second one. Please help me to enable 2FA for the second account named: congson2. Thanks.

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Hi team.I have tried to log in my wci account so many times ,but it says" Invalid Authentication code"I need your help please1

Hello everyone! I wanted to ask if any among got his/her lost 2fa disabled? Or just how do you access your account please I need your help?!

Sorry WCI Team,

Give me a processus to forgot 2fa Authentification.

Because my ancount is not open

Error!! Invalid Authentication Code

(140 KB)
Hi team I'm trying to sign in to my wci user authentication but ive forgotten my password Please any help please I'm down spirited Thanks Together we rise
Hi l am affilat of wci my user name is ulfat786 I have lost my 2 FA . please disable my 2FA. So I use my new 2FA. Regards_; ulfat786
I am writing again for Help, please can you help me to disable 2FA code in my account, my account username is MOMARI. please help out.
Hi i have login problem when i am login he msg me expire or eror 2FA number After 20 to 25 time try i am login same satution in transfer time plz help me
i have loging problem he syas your 2fa is rong then i tray 25 to 30 time then i will login plz help me i spend 15 minutes to 1 time login
Always my 2FA code is expired or invalid one. though i tried synchronizing time with my local time still it doesn't work. I can input it for almost 10 seconds only, but still gives expiration error. Can any one assist me please?


Dear support team, I lose 2fa code, so could you pls give me back 2FA QR code or private key to log in into account WCIVIET,WCIVIET02& WCIVIET03. Thank you!!!

pls can you disable my GOOGLE 2FA as i cannot withdraw funds thank you

Guys this is now worrying,I have several accounts,first account is not locked with 2FA only the second and the third,the  fourth one is not locked as well.

Logged a call to support,got responded 2 days afterwards that I am to submit the proof of ID which is did,its now 18 days no response from the support agent and bad enough the local enrolling team offers no assistance!What are we to think of this?Are our deposits safe anymore?

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