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Did not recieved cash from wci to coinsph

Hi. I request a payout last dec 12. 2017. I check it on my transaction request last friday and i see its pending..then i check it again this morning today, i dont see any transaction on my history. And when i check it in my wallet, i didn't recieve it. Then when i check back on my rewards wallet in wci again my rewards wallet the amount i requested is already deducted. So where is my money now?

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My username is Cuffdaddy and I have recently upgraded my package from bronze to gold. Since then I have sponsored Renardo as a silver package and only received 15% of his package when I should have received 20%. since also upgrading to a gold package shouldn't I have received some more wcx coins
I requested for payout since 21 dec now its 24th but until now it is pending, and the amount in my rewards wallet is already deducted, what's wrong? What should I do?... My id Godfrey1

Please inform from my rewards wallet did not get any money from 12/15/2017

I did not why !!!! I hope WCI is not SCAM !!!!



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