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Didn't receive wcx coins

I recently upgraded my package from bronze to gold and I didn't receive my wcx coins.

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Tôi gởi hình CMND để xác minh tài khoản nhưng hơn 1 tháng rồi tài khoản tôi vẫn chưa được xác minh Và tôi mua gói 1000$, tôi được tặng 400 Wcx, nhưng tới nay tôi vẫn chưa được nhận Xin xem lại giúp tôi

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Dear Support team!
My ID over 75 working days but not receive WCX coin. Kindly give me instructions to get WCX coin.


@Le Van Manh : mình hỏi cái được ko?

làm ăn chán quá

Dear team,

I joined WCI on 24/06/2017 at 05:57. Until now, I haven't recieved my wcx coins. My package is Gold. Please check me soon !!! 

Best wishes,

Trần Long

It's coming to end!!! 

Dear support, My account verify very long time - 5 days Please check it for me! Thanks
Dear WCI, My account is lighthouse84, I had verify its 7 days ago, but now have been pending. Please check it for me. Thanks a lot!!!

i have not received my wcx coin, please can you rectify this, 

also i have been requested to upload my ID, but the link to enable do that is not functional

I opened the package walp .. on 04/9/2017 2 second cycle but I have not received the coin wcx glasses look back to help me ... I sincerely thank
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