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Deleted 2fa

Hello I am

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I can't retrieve my account due to 2fa deleted together the secret key. How can I log into my accounts

I can't Log into my account due to 2fa problem
i have my google Authenticator but my account doesnt open still.
i need help plz.

 Hello Supporter of the WCI team,

Please help me because my Google Autentificator 2FA is not resting,

How to reset my WCI account so that it is back in state to return the code in e-mail ??

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I also lost my 2fa. So I can’t log in my account. I requested support but now I haven’t receive the help from them. Please help me to sign in.
Greetings Would like to ask support my account My 2fa was deleted and loss my secret key . Pls deactivate my old Google authenticator /2fa code.

 User Name: Yanjim


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Hello I lost my phone and my the key to restore my account, anyone aware of how to retrieve the 2fa, since no response from the wci support desk
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