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Can we add 35% and proceed to receive dividends??

Does the daily dividend stop? if it stops what happen to the initial investment?

What will happen to an account??

We have asked this question several times but there is no responces

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Why should we re-verify after renewing our account? My verification have been also rejected for many times and I do not know why and how to do next? I have sent several tickets to the supporting team, but till now my tickets have been ignored.
I feel really dissapointed and irrigated with this unprofessional way of working of WCI team.


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Hello, what you need to do is to follow the rules stipulated before your account can be accepted. Make sure you upload front and back of your id or Passport, proof of location. E.g bank deposit receipt can be proof of location. Your account info should be the same with the info you put when creating the account

Thank you Mr. Gerard Yieseh.

In fact, when I proceeded I could only pointed at the attached files but could not use the Upload button. I did not know why?

I you know, please advise me.

Thank you again.

Nguyen Thu Hang

Hello Mr Nguyen, Please make sure the size of the id or Passport you snap is small. Next you attached the front and then click on upload button, secondly attached the back image and click on upload, lastly attached the proof of location and upload. Then you fill the other info, put your 2fa code and verify. Gerard Yieseh

Hi, Mr. Yieseh,

Thank you for your instruction. However, ,despite of my effort in doing the same way like you advised the "Upload" button is idle with a notice of "Error Upload: 505 not found", so I could not complete the verification process.

Please advise me how to do next? Can the support team fix this problem other way?

Hope to receive your feedback.

Thank you a lot.

Nguyen Thu Hang

You don't get back your investment. I have just gone through 3 cycles of 500 (this was before they change to 4 cycles) and I did not get back my investment.

Dear Mr. Bhagwandeen,

Many people in Vietnam and I are now much worried about the Company policy in settling WCI in Vietnam. Till now this policy is not clear and we have many questions to ask as well as many actual cases needing to be solved, but don't know who to contact with for a help. 

So, if you know, please advise me Mr. John Rock e-mail address or his other channel to contact.

Thank you very much.

Nguyen Thu Hang

Hi Nguyen Thu Hang

We are having similar problems, reaching anyone or having tickets resolved. There is basically no answers coming from WCI. I will email you

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