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Withdrawal is pending 20 days

Dear Support
- I made a withdrawal on March 9, 1818 but today (March 28, 1818), I still have not received the btc in my wallet.
- Please support me to check back and help me complete the withdrawal.
- Please see the attached file.
- Wish WCI a development, solidarity and success.
Thank you.

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i have login problem in my wci account he ask me ur goggle authenticator is wrong after 15 to 20 time I try then i will login also same thing hapennd transaction time after 20 time try my transaction is Don plz solve my problem thanks


I just want to ask how long it will take to widraw thru My widrawal was last July 25, 2018. I thought widrawal will take only 48 hours.... May i know the real score about widrawal...

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