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WCX Coin and Withdrawal Pending

How much is the WCX Coin now? Please I have requested for payout since 20/04/18. Why is it still pending, any updates? Thank You. Max

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how to renew package in wci after completion of 75 days how to renew ?
Can someone do something about this payout thing . It 's been way too long now . My initial try had been cancelled after God knows how long wait prior & now I started a new go at it again a week ago but again it's looking hopeless...worrying !

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My withdraw to Blockchain has been cancelled this is why what's the reason???

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How to exchange WCX Coin after completion of one cycle WCI. ??

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Same situation here! I attempted a withdrawal since the 25th of april but it's still pending. the frustration is growing by the day, no help line to call, no contact email to write to..whats our fate, when is the transaction going through?

We had a training meeting last week and they said it will be fixed   within 7 days after the last reset.  I hope this is true.

I tried to withdraw last month and until now it"s still pending 2 times it got cancelled.  They say its due to the new system migration but to delay payouts due to that is really not ethical.

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