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Withdrawal pending

Hello support team It's been a full week since I requested a pay out but still on pending status. I need the transaction to come through promptly

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My account pkizto and pkizto1 is also pending payment over 1 week now. Please honour your side.

10 days now and pkizto and pkizto1 is still pending withdrawal. Please respond

Pls help us. We have the same issue. Its alsmost 2 weeks now. "Paragon" and "FaithHopeLove" requests are pending. Pls help us. Thanks.

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Dear Mr.John Rock, CEO
On May 11, 2018, I received an email from WCI sent to me with your signature.
Email content wants to notify me that the payment process will take 7-10 days.
And on May 13, 2018, I made a withdrawal order of BAOHUYNH01, with the amount of 3772 usd; But today (May 30, 2018) I still have not received the money I requested to withdraw.
Currently, I am suffering from a lot of financial difficulties. So, through this email, I am looking forward to helping you withdraw money faster and more convenient.
Wish you health and WCI on a strong development.
Best regards
Dear sir, I have made some withdrawal and it was rejected. i withdrew again its still pending..Kindly advice what happening on that end. My accountdoes not show the bitcoin wallet tooo..
hi, i try to withdraw some cash but there are no payout request box for me click on, will someone please assist me in this problem. i been try to withdraw some cash for almost three months now. thank you for your help
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