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What Happens to your investment Package at the End of all cycles

Can someone advise what happens to your invested sum be it, Silver to VIP, at the end of all cycles.

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What will happen to my investment package at the end of the cycle period if I'm not yet ready to renew my selected package?

Anyone knows if you get your investment back at the end of all the cycles. I was told that you do, but I'm not hearing from anyone who actually got it back. The people I know have not reached that position yet.

I have several persons wanting to get in, but I cannot answer this question and I cannot get feedback from WCI on this matter

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your investment package will be gone; however, all  earnings  will be there until you elect to pay it all out or option to register another package using all the earnings you saved in the system.

Hi, I just try to figure out why I did not receive my daily rewards after 7 days of CYCLE renewal? (see the attached). What I understand is that I still have to earn the remaining 75 days. I would like to continue or buy a package again if I can see my daily rewards credited on my wallet. Pls. help. thank you.
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