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Hello team wci. i have 3 accounts in your program those 3 accounts did not reflect any of the matrix bonus in my account with username kinglemmor07 as my 3rd account there is 3 accounts under the kinglemmor07 which is not reflected in my matrix bonus. Also in my 2nd account kinglemmor08 i have 5 accounts under my matrix genealogy but there is no reflection in my dashboard as matrix bonus and last my main account has 13 account under ng matrix genealogy yet only 2 reflected in my head account which is my 2 accounts namely kinglemmor07 and kinglemmor08 then the 11 aacounts did not reflect in my main account. Kindly please take action on these. Thank you very much.

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Hi team wci heres my 3rd account kinglemmor08 about to report and follow up my concern regarding matrix bonus which did not reflect in my income the 5persons under my account in matrix namely zaberfang, zaberfang2, mhonjing, mhonjing2 and edong i did not recieved bonus in matrix to these accounts. Kindly please check the system in order to get what is in your complan. Thank you.
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