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why does it seems to take long to reply

am a new member and already skeptic with the amount of responses not done here to  customers. how do some contact CEOs? to get some informations?

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Still waiting for reply
Wow, it’s sad
The reply is extremely fast if you provide clear details of what you want but if you won't be clear the support team will take months to reply or even won't bother
Please, what is the duration for withdrawal request.

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withdrawal period is 7 to 10 days
Please my withdrawal are still pending please help me my username :Elijahwan10 Please I need it fast to do something It takes more than normal time
Please kindly I make withdraw on 30 August 2018 up to now not received, 11 days more please kindly help me my username :Elijahwan10
Hello, Sorry to hear that you didn't get response soon or got late anyways. Now a days there are so many quires and people addressing to them are less in numbers. Since bitcoin or cryptocurrney consider to be a bubble mist of them ignore joining WCI. Probably this is the reason to get late response.
The support system is absolutely terrible! No reply whatsoever to their affiliates, No updates on whatever happens to the company which is using our money for their investment. The way they run the company is like a scam! My withdrawals have been pending for nearly 5 months! It’s like talking to a brick wall
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