To deposit bitcoin into WCI please the follow steps:

1. Go to your MY-WCI ---> click on the Transactions on the left navigator.

2. Select MAKE A DEPOSIT (as a default it alway selected).

3. Click on the MAKE A DEPOSIT button.

4. The Deposit form will Pop up

5. Fill in the Amount you wish to deposit in the Amount field (we use USD as reference)

6. Click on Generate Bitcoin Deposit

7. You can double click on the  bitcoin wallet address and copy and paste  or you can use scan the QR code.

8. Close the popup when you done.

9. It could take up to 72 hours to appear on your CASH WALLET.

Contact support if it take longer than normal

When contact support you need the following information

1. Date and Time of deposit

2. Amount deposited (USD and Bitcoin amount)

3. Transaction ID