To Withdraw BTC from MY-WCI:

1. Sign in your MY-WCI --> Click on Transaction on the left navigator


3. Click on the Request Payout button

4. Select funds from wallet you want to withdraw from on Select Wallet drop down list (Commission Wallet, Cash Wallet, Reward Wallet)

5. Select Wallet address you want to receive the fund on Wallet address drop down list (I assume you already add your bitcoin wallet. If you haven't add your bitcoin wallet and wish to know how to do it please look for article  how to add bitcoin wallet address)

6. Amount you want to withdraw from Amount field.

7. Click on Generate Token ---> go to your email that associate with your wci account to get your Token.

8. Click on Request Payout button

9. Fund (BTC) will deposit to your bitcoin wallet address your select. it may take more than 48h for the fund to be in your wallet.