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Withdrawal pending

Hello WCI team, Please assist me get my payment of 143$ done on 11/06/2018 but still pending upto now. Receipt no1Q7qJHJCEWhwPDfr31LuFz4vDNzyYdmwNh Username: Skynet Yours sincerely Samuel

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Tôi muốn hủy lệnh rút tiền Kinh mong đội ngủ cty hủy giúp tôi
Dear CEO,  It was very kind of you to respond and I believe this restores faith in ypu and the business, However, I am not frim Vietnam and our country does not interfere in the cryptocurrencies transactions. So kindly authorise the payment for pkizto2, pkizto and pkizto1  to enable me pay schoolfees  for my children.
Pls help me i made my payout last June 29 2018 and until now its still in pending process i need money so bad,pls do something about it thanks

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